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Devaland is a leading outsourcing service provider, offering professional typesetting for the Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Publishing Industry, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services, Technical Translations, PDF and e-books Conversions.

We offer low cost technical typesetting (manuscript preparation) and editorial support services ( please see our small prices 🙂 ) for Authors, Academic Staff, Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers and any companies and individuals requiring high-quality, low cost and fast turn-around typesetting services (Translation Companies, Data Entry, Typing and Typesetting Services Companies, Ad Agencies, Document Conversion Firms, Printing Companies etc).

Please see some samples from our typesetting projects here .

Our preferred typesetting program is LaTeX, because it’s the best in professional typesetting for large and complex technical and scientific documents. Our peoples are also proficient in using all major Desktop Publishing programs: Adobe InDesign®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Acrobat®, Quark Express®, Page Maker®, Corel Draw®, Corel Ventura® on all operating systems Windows®, Linux® and Macintosh®.

We have laid out thousands of technical books and journals on mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, biomedicine and chemistry.

We have typeset many difficult to run TeX/LaTeX files, and we are experienced in doing mixed scientific, technical and medical books and journals (for example we combined many books or journals containing both LaTeX and Word files as chapters from different Authors).

Our team provides specialized technical support for editorial departments in publishing houses, from the typing stage to the typesetting to the final corrections and indexing, through to generating of error-free output (DVI-PS-PDF), as well as solving many other editorial tasks like accurate PDF to DOC conversions, graphics conversions, redrawing of artworks etc. We are prepared to solve complicated projects at short notice.

We provide also German typesetting and technical and non-technical translations (German-English and English-German).

We have flexible payment terms and we offer special discounted prices for academic staff and students and for repeating and long-term customers.

We are interested in long-term cooperation, so we invite you to take advantage of our experienced team of professionals, high-quality services and low prices.

We look forward to working with you.

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