Freelance Jobs – Join our Typesetting Team!

Our people are our most important assets. We are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients.

We are expanding our freelancers database, so we are looking for the best candidates to take up the following roles:

1. Virtual Team Manager (Freelancer Typesetting Expert):
– Training and coordinating online the freelance typesetting team. Work from home, position available for worldwide locations.

2. Typesetting Freelancers: Proficiency in TeX/LaTeX/XML/ebooks and MS Word.
– Work from home, positions available for worldwide locations.

If you are interested in one of the above positions please send your CV (Resume) and the desired monthly salary in US Dollars. For the LaTeX Typesetting position please send also samples of your best LaTeX projects, including all source files (TeX, pdf, dvi, eps, jpg, cls, sty) as archived zip files at or by using Dropbox or other free online transfer services for large files.

You need to use the latest versions of MikTeX and TeXstudio or TeXnicCenter, so our typesetting systems should be fully compatible.

We use Dropbox for uploading/downloading files, and we keep contact by email, Skype and cell phones.

Welcome aboard!