LaTeX Typesetting Prices

Price List for LaTeX Typesetting Services and Editorial Services

We offer US quality typesetting and editorial services with competitive affordable prices. Please ask details about our payment system on our Contact page.

 1) Keyboarding (Typing Manuscripts)

– Price: 6.0 – 7.0 Euro (7.00 – 8.00 US Dollars) per page. The price is informative only, and it’s subject to change depending on complexity and number of pages.

– Usually we receive the Author manuscripts as electronic files (scanned PDF’s), but when necessary our experienced typists can provide keyboarding from hand-written, scanned or hard copy manuscripts sent by regular mail.

– We provide typing services especially for complex technical and scientific projects containing a great deal of mathematical equations, tables, figures, landscape sections, footnotes/endnotes, references, etc. by using the LaTeX Typesetting System.

– The manuscripts can be sent by scanning and sending them as email attachments, or for the large ones by Dropbox or ftp transfer, please contact us for more details. Also you can send us the hand-written, hard copy manuscripts or books by regular mail (usually the Airmail takes around 7 to 10 days from US to Romania). Please always keep the originals and send only copies by mail since they can be lost.

2) Books and Journals Page Layout

Formatting of manuscripts in different file formats (MS-Word doc files, PDF’s) – Page Composition, Page Design, Desktop Publishing / DTP, Multilingual Typesetting using LaTeX.

– Price: 3.5 – 5.5 Euro (4.00 – 6.50 US Dollars) per page. The price is informative only, and it’s subject to change depending on complexity.

– These rates are for customers who already have typed manuscripts and will send them electronically to be reformatted. In this stage we will set up the margins, will apply styles for chapter headings and body text, will insert images in the appropriate place, will add tables, footnotes, references, will set up first page and even/odd running heads for each chapter, page numbering, landscape sections, etc.

– We will be sending back the Page Proofs as PDF file for review.

3) Corrections

– Price: 4.0 – 6.0 Euro (5.00 – 7.00 US Dollars) per page. The price is informative only, and it’s subject to change depending on complexity.

– Correcting proofs is very costly and time-consuming, and it’s usually more expensive than the initial typing and formatting stages, because even the smallest change may require that the layout of the entire book be redone and new PDF proofs to be regenerated. We are offering this service at a small price, including as many revisions as needed, until our customer will be fully satisfied, at no extra charge.

– In this stage, we will apply all corrections and adjustments indicated by the authors. Aside from that, we will check again the whole book structure, verifying if all figures and tables are included in the right places, all styles are applied correctly and all references are italicized. We will add the front pages (title page, preface, about the author), and the back matter (appendices, bibliography, and references) then will create the table of contents and many more., until generating the final error-free output-ready PDF Proof.

4) Indexing

– Price: 3.5 – 7.0 Euro per page.

– We build comprehensive and accurate back-of-the-book subject and author indexes.


We can do additional tasks when required, such as accurate manual PDF to doc conversions, extracting bibliographies from the Library of Congress or other online databases and cleaning and formatting them according to publisher requirements.

Other related services: drawing/redrawing artworks, graphics conversions, image corrections, and many more.

We have flexible payment terms and we offer special discount prices for academic staff and students. We will charge only for the initial number of pages of the scanned / handwritten manuscript, without any other extra-charges, and this includes as many corrections as you may need until you will be fully satisfied.

We will start working on your project only after we have an initial agreement about the final price. For rush jobs we charge an extra 25%.

Please contact us with more details about your project and typesetting requirements and we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation quote.

We will acknowledge the receipt of your inquiries within 24 hours (usually faster). But if you don’t hear from us within this time, please re-send your email because we answer all inquiries, since it could be lost in the cyberspace.

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