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LaTeX Typesetting Best Price at USD 5.00 per page

We offer LaTeX Typesetting Services at the best price: USD 5.00 per page!

Our LaTeX Typesetting Samples

Here are some samples of our typesetting projects.

PriceProject Details
USD 5.00 per page.“Euclidean and Transformational Geometry: A Deductive Inquiry”, by Shlomo Libeskind (Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Oregon, USA).
Published by Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2007.
ISBN 0763743666, 9780763743666. 371 pages.

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The Author mentioned me in the Acknowledgments section… Thank you, dear Shlomo!

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USD 5.00 per page.Math paper converted for the SPRINGER Journal “Computational Mechanics” format.
USD 5.00 per page.Math paper converted for the ASME Journal.
LaTeX Typesetting Best Prices

We respect our client's privacy, that's why we cannot expose our projects.

Samples of LaTeX typesetting code:

% [Clears Running Header Style on the Last Empty Odd pages]
\def\cleardoublepage{\clearpage\if@twoside \ifodd\c@page\else%

% [Changes the appearance of section headings]

% Typeset the Figure name and its number in a bold font and replace the colon
% that normally appears after the number by a period:

% Tables – use of the \multicolumn command:
\begin{tabular}{@{} *{3}{c} @{}}
col 1 & col 2 & col 3 \\
col 1 & \multicolumn{2}{c}{col 2-3 } \\

% You can tell LaTeX that a particular column should be a certain width, with text wrapping within that:

% LaTeX Coloured Box:
{\color{white} White text, red background, blue frame}

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